About Careston

Careston Elevator Co., Ltd. adheres to advanced European manufacture concept. It cooperates with famous European ELMA ELEVATOR Company. It introduces the advanced German technology. It integrates research, development, manufacture, installation, repair, maintenance, transformation of elevator and escalator into one. It is Class-A National Specialized Elevator Manufacture Enterprise. Careston Elevator inherits the rigorous German craftsmanship. It follows the centurial brand elite. It applies technical innovation and combines with its individual innovation capacity. It produces excellent elevators with globally sharing European quality.

Careston Elevator is based upon the managing ideas of “creating intellectual city, producing green buildings”. It sticks to core values of “being centered by safety, intelligence, experience”. It advocates the service concept of “smilingly connecting with a happy life”. It produces human-centered life elevators.

Careston Elevator comprehensively applies the globally leading Web of Things technology. It creates “intelligent elevator” safety operation management platform which serves the world. It enhances warranty for each elevator’s after-sale repair & maintenance. It provides every client with all-round service that penetrates through the entire product life cycle.

In future, Careston Elevator will be centered by superior quality, innovative clients, noble service. It satisfies the clients’ changeable and individual requirements. It meets the increasing development demands from city buildings by sustainable growth, green low-consumption. It tries hard to be forerunner of elevator industry.

square meters
million RMB of total investment
m/s elevator speed
88m test tower height

Standard modern factories

Careston takes “scientifically arranged space” and “professional, concise, united, standard” as principles.  It rationally arranges the factory zones.  It establishes core functional areas such as Customer Service Center, Elevator / Escalator Manufacture Center, Research; Development and Design Center, Test Tower etc.  It raises the space utilization rate of factory zones, gives a full play of scale benefit.

Careston Elevator strongly believes that superior product quality is source of all developments.  It keeps improving in order to win a bright future.  It is backed by the world’s leading automatic production equipment and professional production team.  It continuously introduces various modern manufacture devices such as Savanini production line, digital multi-station stamping machining equipment, laser cutter etc.  It assigns professional staff with advanced skill in every production post with clear division of work, strict flow.  It fulfills large scale, effective and high quality production mode.  It constantly produces high quality, accurate and highly comfortable elevators and escalators.